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Above is the link to the "Questions for the Spouse of a Potential Church Planter" survey.  Thank you for answering these questions. Some of the questions may be challenging to answer. Please understand that the church is not seeking perfect pastors or their families to be part of a church plant. But we should be seeking men and their families who demonstrate giftedness and passion for church planting. 

Because of the way the form appears, very simple factual questions have response areas that contain the same amount of space as questions that might require a longer answer. Please use as much space to answer each as seems appropriate to the question.

The questions in this survey are meant to help us in this discerning. We don’t expect you to be an expert, but to give us your honest opinion even about questions you may not know how to answer.


Please keep the following in mind as you answer these questions:

  • First, this process is meant to be helpful to you and your spouse. The content of these surveys will be known only to the assessors and the candidates. The information will be released only by the approval of the candidate. If this process does nothing more than provide helpful vocational feedback, we will consider this process a success. 

  • Second, understand that some of these questions are about your perception of your husband. When you answer these please do so as honestly as possible. We are seeking to encourage him. Therefore think of this as an exercise that will be helpful to him as well as the church of Christ. Other questions will be about you. Again, please understand that we care about you and your family.

Please return your answers to the following as promptly as possible, no later than Monday, March 21.

Have questions? Please send them to or  


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