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What is the Romans Road Award?

In the providence of God, the 1st century Roman Roads provided the needed infrastructure for the Christian gospel to spread to the ancient world.  In 21st century America, there is also an infrastructure by which the Christian gospel can freely spread from our local churches to their community.


In that spirit, the Presbytery of Michigan & Ontario has approved a new initiative from our CHEX committee called the Romans Road Award.  The Romans Road Award is a grant up to $3,500.00 from the CHEX Committee administered by the CHEX Office staff for any church in the presbytery.  The goal of the award is to stimulate the extension of our presbytery churches through an active outreach ministry using both digital and traditional means and media.


The following are the three types of grants available:

Digital Outreach Component

Consist of a $750.00 Scholarship to provide Web Page Development & Support, Social Media Support, Logo & Branding, Digital Advertising, and an introductory video to the church.

Traditional Media Outreach Component

Consists of a $1,300.00 Scholarship to provide Invite Cards, Invite Postcards, Pastor Business Cards, Door-hangers, Welcome Packets, Custom Stationary, Church Mugs, Pens and Evangelistic Books. 


Signs & Banners Outreach Component

Consists of a $1,450.00 Scholarship to provide Interior Signage, Interior Banners, Entrance Signage, Exterior Signage, Exterior Banners, Exterior Flags, Exterior Yard Signage, Seasonal Signage and Banners.

Who is eligible for this award?

Any particularized church within the Presbytery of Michigan & Ontario is eligible to apply.   The goal of this award is that it will be awarded to any church in the presbytery who desires and shows a commitment to growing in revitalized evangelism and outreach.

How do you apply?

To apply, please use the form linked below.

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