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On behalf of the Church Extension (CHEX) Committee of the Presbytery of Michigan and Ontario, we thank you for your interest in applying for the position of Regional Home Missionary (RHM) of our presbytery.


As a committee we desire to see fully qualified men apply for this position and also to honor your time. We have therefore developed a two-stage application process. The questions in the initial survey linked above should take no longer than one hour to answer. Please answer each question with a few short paragraphs. (Extra points are not awarded for long answers.) All responses will be reviewed by the CHEX Committee, who will assess requisite qualifications for the position. Applicants who meet these qualifications will receive a second set of questions as we move forward with the search.

JOB DESCRIPTIONS are linked below for your review prior to filling out the initial survey.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need a Google account to fill out this survey; however, if you do not use a Google account to sign in before beginning, your progress will not be saved.

QUESTIONS: Please contact our Administrative Assistant, Elisabeth Schumaker HERE. She can answer your questions or forward your inquiries to our CHEX RHM Sub-Committee.

Learn About Our Presbytery:

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