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Requesting Financial Aid
Cover Letter (for use by OPC Church Planters & Mission Works):


Dear Church Planter and/or Mission Works:


Since you are part of a connectional church, you have the privilege of requesting funds for support of your local work.  There are two places from where these funds come: 1. CHMCE Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension.  This is the OPC denominational pot.  Typically their support is on a four year, declining scale.  The request for funds from CHMCE comes through the Presbytery of Michigan and Ontario, and this request must be made annually.  2. CHEX CHurch EXtension Committee of the our Presbytery.  Our support typically is also four years, but since CHEX deals more closely with your church plant, we are able to be more flexible in our support; we also work closely with CHMCE to make sure that your needs are met.


In order to make intelligent and informed requests, we need some documents from you.  In order for us to make requests in conjunction with CHMCE’s timetable, we have a deadline of July 20 for any request for the upcoming year.


The documents we need are:

  1. A specific request.  We need to know a dollar amount you are requesting from CHMCE and from CHEX, and why you believe you need the support from either or both sources.  Is this a one time request or ongoing?

  2. Next Year’s Budget.  This will require your overseeing session or steering committee to work ahead.  We need them to do that so we can meet our deadlines with the CHMCE.

  3. Last Year’s Financial Report, including assets as of July 31. CHEX understands that for a brand new church plant, this is impossible since there is no history.

  4. Tell us about your overall plans: sermon plan, outreach events, evangelism training for the upcoming year.

  5. Please include with your financial requests a summation of the life of the work stating communicant and non-communicant numbers.

  6. Send a copy of the OPC Statistical Report that is sent to Luke Brown, and pencil in any changes that may have occurred since the Statistical Report was submitted (additional elders, members, etc.)


Your assistance in these matters is appreciated as we attempt to be good stewards of the resources that the Lord has given to our denomination and our presbytery. Any requests or submissions received after July 31 will be deferred to the following presbytery meeting, and consequently, may result in loss of denominational support.


With gratitude in service to our Lord, His kingdom, and you,

The Church Extension Committee of the OPC Presbytery of Michigan & Ontario

Please email completed forms to Steve Igo.

Also, a printable version of this form is attached below as well as the checklist addressed above.

Requesting Financial Aid
Church Planting Checklist

Church Planting Checklist

Below is the CHEX Church Planting Checklist. This checklist was created to be used as a guide for new mission works, including areas such as logo creation, invitation cards, website creation, etc.  The CHEX Office offers administrative and design help in many areas!

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list, but we hope it is a helpful resource for you nonetheless.


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