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Grace Fellowship OPC, a mission work of Harvest OPC (Wyoming, MI), has been ministering to the Zeeland, MI, area since late 2018. They first began with an Informational Meeting in November 2018 and a Night of Carols in December 2018. Since January, they have held various events, including weekly studies looking at their 10 Core Values:

- Gospel Centrality

- Prayer Dependency

- Reformed Doctrine

- Morning & Evening Worship

- Expository Preaching

- Culture of Evangelism & Hospitality

- Authentic Fellowship

- Corporate Discipleship

- Shepherd Leadership

- A Place for Weakness

Grace Fellowship's Evening Service Launch on March 17, 2019.

On March 17, Grace Fellowship OPC held their Evening Service Launch. Now, as Easter approaches, they plan to hold their official Full Service Launch on April 21, 2019!

In God's provision, they've been able to make a connection with The Bridge Youth Center, a ministry in downtown Zeeland. They have held evening services and other events (studies, game nights, hymn sings, etc.) at this location since.

If you are ever interested in visiting Grace Fellowship OPC, they meet at The Bridge: 210 E Main Ave, Zeeland, MI 49464.

If you would like to contact Pastor Michael Schout or learn more about Grace Fellowship, you can visit their website at or their Facebook page at

Why Grace Fellowship?

The name Grace Fellowship OPC came about through much thought and prayer. Harvest OPC and Pastor Mike Schout wanted a name that communicated both the outward heart of God for lost sinners as well as the idea of being a welcoming and close knit body of believers. They believe that "Grace Fellowship" captures both of those vital truths.

The verse tethered to the name is found in 1 John 1:3: “[...] that which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ.” As sinners saved by grace, it is our privilege and responsibility to proclaim the gospel to our neighbors out of a sincere desire that they would share in the fellowship of the gospel with us, which is ultimately a fellowship with God Himself through Jesus Christ. Our hope and prayer is that the name serves as a sort of on-ramp for people in the Zeeland area and surrounding communities to experience the stunning beauty of the gospel for sinners.

About Grace Fellowship OPC:

Grace Fellowship OPC is a ministry of Harvest OPC (Wyoming, MI). They are currently meeting for weekly studies of their 10 Core Values at the Howard Miller Library in downtown Zeeland, MI. You can learn more about Pastor Mike Schout and the church plant by visiting or their Facebook page at For more contact information, please see our Mission Works page.

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

CHEX Now Offers an Office Contact Number!

Last month, the Church Extension (CHEX) office released a new office phone number. By calling this number, you can reach our committee's Administrative Assistant (Elisabeth Schumaker), find out more information about our committee, and even learn how you can get involved in church planting -- specifically in Michigan and Ontario.

How to Contact Our Office

Below is our office's contact information:

  • Office phone number: (800) 382-3423

  • Office hours: 9am-2pm

Need to Contact a Committee Member?

You can contact our committee members by visiting

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